Research Projects

Current and Past Research Projects

Current Projects

DOE DE-SC0022328
PosEiDon aims to advance the knowledge of how simulation and machine learning (ML) methodologies can be harnessed and amplified to improve DOE’s computational and data science.
NSF 2127548
CI Compass provides expertise and active support to cyberinfrastructure practitioners at NSF Major Facilities in order to accelerate the data lifecycle and ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the cyberinfrastructure...
NSF 1664162
The Pegasus project encompasses a set of technologies that help workflow-based applications execute in a number of different environments including desktops, campus clusters, grids, and clouds. Pegasus bridges the scientific...
NSF 2030508
The Partnership to Advance Throughput Computing (PATh) is a project funded by NSF’s OAC Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*) program in order to address the needs of the rapidly growing community of...
NSF 2042054
This study comprises three main research questions related to NSF large facilities and CI during the pandemic: (a) What types of research activities remain "business as usual" and what types...
NSF 2103508
WRENCH enables novel avenues for scientific workflow use, research, development, and education in the context of large-scale scientific computations and data analyses. WRENCH is an open-source library for developing simulators....
NSF 2018074
This project will provide an architecture and tools that will enable scientists to include edge computing devices in their computational workflows. This capability is critical for low latency and ultra-low...
NSF 1826997
Coupled with innovations in network-aware workflow management, DyNamo will bridge a crucial gap between data-driven, observational science workflows and novel network mechanisms and services through engagement with domain scientists from...
NSF 1839900
The IRIS project develops an appropriate threat model and incorporate it in an integrity introspection, correlation and analysis framework that collects application and infrastructure data and uses statistical and machine...
NSF 1923539
eduWRENCH provides a set of pedagogic modules that includes simulation-driven activities for students to experience relevant application and platform scenarios hands-on.
NSF 1741040
This interdisciplinary project tackles the data challenge of data analysis of molecular dynamics simulations on the next-generation supercomputers. Specifically, this effort combines machine learning and data analytics approaches, workflow management...
NSF 2100636
VisDict - Visual Dictionaries for Enhancing the Communication between Domain Scientists and Scientific Workflow Providers
The main goal for VisDict is to create an intuitive visual dictionary that translates terms and concepts between research domains and computer science, specifically computational workflows.
NSF 2028930
The project recruits a cross-disciplinary community working together in three virtual mini-workshops called virtual world cafes to define, design, implement, and use a set of solutions for robust science.
NSF 2041901
Advancing Reproducibility in Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
The project provides the astrophysics community with a transformative building block to a roadmap for reproducible open science. Findings about the reproducibility process of the EHT and NICER results are...
The OSG provides common service and support for resource providers and scientific institutions using a distributed fabric of high throughput computational services. The OSG does not own resources but provides...
XSEDE is an NSF-funded virtual organization that integrates and coordinates the sharing of advanced digital services – including supercomputers and high-end visualization and data analysis resources – with researchers nationally...
The Center for Collaborative Genetic Studies on Mental Disorders produces, stores, and distributes clinical data and biomaterials (DNA samples and cell lines) available in the NIMH Human Genetics Initiative. The...
NSF 1612843
The SimCenter will provide modeling and simulation tools using a new open-source framework that: (1) addresses various natural hazards, such as windstorms, storm surge, tsunamis, and earthquakes; (2) tackles complex,...


Past Projects

Reproducibility and Cyberinfrastructure for Computational and Data-Enabled Science
NSF 1941443 – 2019-2021
   NSF 1642335 – 2017-2019
V-RAM: TSS Vulnerability-Risk Assessment & Mitigation
AFRL – 2019-2020
SWIP: Secure and Resilient Architecture: Scientific Workflow Integrity with Pegasus
NSF 1642053 – 2016-2020
ADAMANT: Adaptive Data-Aware Multi-domain Application Network Introduction Topologies
NSF 1246057 – 2013-2014
CorralWMS: Integrated Resource Provisioning Across the National CI in Support of Scientific Workloads
NSF 0943725 – 2009-2013